COVID-19 - Park amenities are closed - social distancing a must

Hello everyone,

Uncertain times we are living in. The Friends would like everyone to take care and practice social distancing.  If you haven't heard, all park amenties across the City have been officially closed.  The link below goes to the City website for details.  Go to the pull down menu 'Parks' for details.

COVID-19 Affected City Services

SOCIAL DISTANCING - that's 2 metres AKA 6 feet for those still on imperial system ;-)  

Below are links to keep you updated on things COVID-19.  It's a moving target, things are constantly changing, so keep in formed as you can on best practices and the situation.  It is advised that you stay home. If you venture out, ahere to to COVID-19 protocols to prevent spread. Wash your hands often and don't touch your face.  Cough into your elbow.  Be kind and considerate to others, as they will be with you.  And mind what you read on social platforms.  

Government of Canada - Health

World Health Organization


Where is the Park?

Trinity Bellwoods Park is located at Strachan and Queen Street West in Toronto, Ontario. It extends from Queen W to Dundas Street West to the north, with Gorevale on east and Crawford/Shaw to west. A square 'handle' of the park juts west from Crawford to Shaw, which is where the Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market ( is located.

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Where's the park?

Trinity Bellwoods Map