Friends Meetings Minutes

Here are the minutes of the meeting.


--> Minutes can be downloaded here:  FoTBP_Minutes_Oct_29_2014_UPDATED.pdf

--> Download minutes here: FoTBP_Minutes_-_May_29_2014_updated.pdf

When: Thursday, May 29, 2014, 7-8:30pm
Where: Trinity Recreation Centre on Crawford, room tba

Chair: Sian

  1.  Welcome & Intro - Chair
  2. Social Media Report - Carolyn, Laura, Michaelle
  3. Adopt a Tree – Michaelle
  4. Greenhouse - Elizabeth
  5. Market –Carolyn
  6. Park Days - Patricia
  7. Park Events this summer
  8. Park Supervisor Updates - Brian
  9. Councillor Layton’s office Updates & Queries -Layton
  10. Updates
    1. John Gibson House Issues – tbc
    2. Dog  Area Fountain Installation - tbc
    3. Park Safety Audit - Sian
    4. Donation Station Developments – Sian
  11. Budget – Sian
  12. NEW/OTHER BUSINESS- your item here!
  13. Finalize next Chair,Identify items for next meeting


Friends Fall Park meeting was held Monday, 7pm to 8:30pm at the Rec Centre in the main floor activity room.

--> Download Minutes here: FoTBP Oct 7 2013_Minutes.pdf

Come get updates on our activities; Adopt-a-tree, green house, farmers market, Park Day, playground and more.  Also; what about that bike rack poll?, slack line poles and illegal vendors? Have any questions, observations, concerns, would like to get involved with sustaining our lovely urban park? Then, this is the meeting to check out.

Everyone welcome!  Below is agenda.   Items arriving tonight not on agenda, will be placed under 'new business'. thanks!


Friends of Trinity Bellwoods - Fall Park Meeting

March 7th, 2013
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm Trinity Recreation Centre
Room tbd

Steering Committee Reports (5 min each = 30 minutes total)
- Introductions by meeting Chair – Sian
- Social media – Carolyn
- Farmers’ Market – Carolyn
- Adopt-a-tree – Sian
- Greenhouse – Elizabeth Willing

Park Business (Each item is a 5 min followed by Q&A = 60 mins total)
- Bike rack at Queen/Gorevale, our website poll
- Illegal vendors in park – Sian/Brian Green
- Slack lines, general – Bgreen
- Path maintenance – Marco/Layton
- Homegrown National Park Ranger update - Aidan
- new governance model for Friends? – Patricia
- Gibson House, tree, renos update
- Park Day plans?  Mulch, bulbs…
- Events in park – Carolyn
- Need for new rink schedule (Anna/Chris following up)

New Business
- Projexity – Marisa Bernstein


--> Download Minutes here:  FoTBP_June_17_2013_mins.pdf

When:  Monday, June 17, 2013 from 7pm - 8:30p,
Where: Rec Centre in the park, 2nd floor PW55 Room (just beside the elevators)

Park Panorama1 1 4

Do you have a special concern or interest or query about the park?  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and it can be added to the agenda.


1) Introductions by Chair (Patricia) - 5 min.
2) Website & Twitter Update (Carolyn and Leigh) - 2 min.
3) Farmer's Market (Carolyn) - 5 min.
4) Adopt-a-tree update (Michaelle) - 2 min.
5) Green House update (Anna or Gene) - 5 min.

II. PARK BUSINESS (45 Minutes)
6) Tree removal/Gibson House Construction UPDATE (Lisa K)
7) Yoga, Health, Wellness Fair - (Marcus McLean
8) Toronto’s Homegrown National Park project - UPDATE (Aidan)
9) Corporate promo in the park -- good or bad? (Brian G/Park Supervisor)
10) Proposal for a permanent skateboard space in the park - is there support? (Ariel Stagni)
11) Getting our group charitable status, a real Brd of Directors, etc - is it time? (Patricia)

(Up to you)


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