YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!  Mayor Ford and some City councillors want to increase user fees across Toronto for many important services and programs.  Among them is Farmers' Markets.  The Toronto Farmers Market Network ( has started a petition to stop fee increases to Farmers' Markets. Any increase in the cost to Toronto Farmers' Markets may put farmers in a position where they can no longer participate. Please send a message to Mayor Ford and your councillor telling them to keep fees to Farmers' Markets low by signing the petition.  We need to get as many signatures as possible by early Sept. 2011.   

Please spread the word/share this information.  Thank you.  or via


Farmers' markets make Toronto a greener and healthier City. Toronto residents benefit from fresh seasonal food brought directly to their neighbourhoods and the markets encourage people to participate in their communities and meet their neighbours. The environment benefits when food travels a shorter distance, using less fossil fuel and less packaging. Markets also support and encourage family farmers. Increasing the costs of running famers markets will make it prohibitive for farmers to attend. It is already difficult enough for farmers to earn a living at our markets. Farmers'Markets contribute a lot to the City, the environment, our neighbourhoods and the local economy.  



Attached is information on  farmers costs.  If you like to collect petition signatures for this cause, I've attached the form.  You may contact me to turn in your sheets.   

The petition is asking that Mayor Ford and Toronto City councillors: 

Do not vote to increase costs for Farmers' Markets. Instead please work to reduce barriers. 

Facilitate space in parks, parking lots and other suitable locations; 

Keep fees low to market organizers and vendors; and, 

Maintain low cost parking options for farmers 

Thank you

Carolyn Wong

tbfm manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

pdf Petition_for_Toronto_Farmers_Markets.pdf

pdf Farmers_Costs_to_Attend_Markets.pdf

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