Update!  Don't let this warm weather scare you off, we still need hosers.  So once that mercury dips to freezing again, flooding will resume.  Contact Anna to get on the list to help.

Community Volunteers needed to help be 'hosers' for our first* ever natural ice rink in the park!

If you can volunteer to help flood a new natural ice rink any night, we need YOU! This is time sensitive as it needs to be hosed/flooded several nights in a row - the weather has be cooperating too.  Volunteers please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info in how you can help maintain the natural ice rink.  

hoser   rink 1

rink 2   rink 3

 * Whoops:  we are reminded that in the late 1990s a group of neighbors created and maintained a natural icerink, led, if memory serves, by the fellow that owned the flower shop where The White Squirrel is now.  (See?  This is how easily history is rewritten ;)

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