Thanks to Sian and Carolyn for these notes from the Thursday, April 3, 2014 meeting.

It was an interesting meeting that helped to clarify a few things and offered opportunities for enhancing park enjoyment!

The 'panel' in attendance included:

  • From Police Services - 
    • John Hogan of 14 division who introduces the bicycle team that monitors TBP and an area from Queen to College and from Dufferin to Bathurst
      • Shane Malley
      • Brian Bell
      • James Fairclough
      • Mike Muir
  • Peter White, General Supervisor, Parks Toronto & East York District
  • Elvie (last name unknown) and Nellie Raposo DeMers, Permit Officer, Parks, Forestry & Rec
  • Troy Ford from Parks Ambassadors. 416-771-3042 (cell phone for more immediate action)

From the police:

  • They are interested and care about the park and what goes on around and in it.
  • We are reminded that the ticket for drinking in the park is $360  
  • We were also reminded that the fine for an off leash dog is $365 plus a possible additional charge from Animal Services by laws of $100.
  • The police are focussed more on the drinking side of things and also some off leash dog issues.
  • They also expressed an interest in policing cyclists particularly on Gore Vale.
  • they encourage calling 911 for criminal activity

From Peter White:

  • interested in keeping alcohol consumption in check
  • off leash dogs
  • by law enforcement
  • for problems call 311

From the permit team:

  • interested in knowing that permit holders have 'behaved', ie:
    • maintained appropriate noise levels
    • clean up after themselves
    • behaved per the conditions on the permit
    • If there are any problems to call 311.
  • importantly Nellie lives in the area and understands many of the issues from the special permits she actually issues.  She will also be visiting events to have an excellent understanding of the issues.

From Troy Ford - Parks Ambassador

  • focusses on homeless people and convincing them to accept housing
  • he also educated people and educating them on consequences i.e. fines
  • he performs park safety audits including lighting, paths etc...
  • he encourages calling 311

A couple of key takeaways:

  • for any issues in the park call 311 so that it gets logged officially.  Then call a more specific group if you know who to contact directly to get immediate action if its required.  Even if we know Brian Green (TBP Park Supervisor) is the one to fix it - call 311.  This will hopefully result in greater support for the park.
  • the idea is to educate people about fines etc.  Many people don't realize you can't drink in TBP because twitter says you can!  And most don't realize the off leash fine is as significant as it is.
  • a request to post a sign of a beer with a line though it in the park was frowned upon because those who want to drink will go elsewhere where no signs are posted.  The by law still applies.
  • the police have information on Bicycle safety and Pedestrian Safety that we can incorporate on our website and on fb.  They are developing a how to use city parks.  When available we can incorporate it in a newsletter and other social media.
  • the police have a resource that is completely dedicated to tweeting and fb.  They are interested in co-operative posting and tweeting.
  • One of the parks is going to be fully closed this summer and it's expected that we will have a bigger transient population sleeping in the park this summer.
  • we have indicated that we would be interested in a Park Safety Audit as it will help to put TBP's needs like path resurfacing etc higher on the priority list.  Troy Ford will conduct the audit on a Thursday evening.  He finds the evening is the best time to really 'see' the hazard.  thursday is apparently the night that most homeless folk head to the parks with alcohol in hand because they get money on Thursday's.
  • Generally there are not enough City staff to provide the support for the area of responsibility they have.  So please use 311.
  • Please use 311 --  and then one of our key contacts!


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