Another Adopt A Tree season comes to a close -- it was a beautiful day yesterday when I went to pick up the buggies and jugs.

Thanks to my fellow Water Capitains Carole, Joanna and Nariman for keeping an eye on the water outlets and buggies, etc.

And a big pat on the back to all of us for doing our bit for the saplings in their formative years -- such an elegant way to give back to our park.  In case you're counting, the 2013 season was the seventh year of our Adopt A Tree watering program.

And speaking of the park -- isn't it looking gorgeous with fall colour this week!  I don't remember the sugar maples looking so swooningly swathed (sorry) in rich reds and oranges for some years.

TBP Tree 437 Sugar Maple Oct 10 2013

Tree #437  Sugar Maple - Oct 10/2013 (M. McLean)

TBP Tree 262 Hackberry Oct 2013

Tree #262 Hackberry on the SW edge of the circle drive - Oct 10/2013 (M. McLean)

I've only recently come to start to recognise a Hackberry and we've quite a few in the southern half of the circle in the south end of the park.  The younger trees have that hilarious bumpy bark.  It looks like the surface is crawling with corky caterpillars.  The leaves are a beautiful bright yellow this week.

TBP Tree 304 Red Green Ash Octo 2013 

 Tree #304  Red Green Ash in south end of the park - Oct 10/2013 (M. McLean)

#304 might be the largest Red Green Ash in the park.  It's out in the open so its got a beautiful shape and one can get back a bit and really admire it -- especially this week as the rich yellows work with the remaining green to give it a real sparkle.

The tree numbers refer to the Tree Inventory that Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park commissioned in 2009.

And if you want more information about the trees in our park check out the Tree Tours tab.

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