Great big welcome and thanks to Laura who is taking over as our Adopt A Tree Coordinator (a volunteer position).  The transition will take place over the coming weeks as I pass along our various lists and contacts.  Laura lives near the park and has been a tree adopter for the past two years, so is very familiar with what we're all up to.  Clearly she's also a believer in getting involved and giving back to the park too.

Although I now live a bit of distance from the park, I continue on as an adopter (two gorgeous young things in the north end of the park), and am looking to start an AAT program in a parkette closer to home.


The buggies, hoses, and jugs were deployed about ten days ago and the 2014 watering season is now open. 

The season is starting in the droughty end of things.  Total rainfall in May was less than 2" (50mm) and in the past two weeks less than 1/2" (12mm) of rain has fallen.

All to say --it's very dry.  Get out there and water!

We are always looking for new adopters, although as this 2014 season opens -- and for the first time in a number of years --  it looks like we're okay in that department.  Forty-plus cherry trees in the south end of the park graduated at the end of last summer, and many of you are interested in continuing involvement. (Fantastic!)   As well, about ten saplings were killed by our severe winter and those adopters will be moved to other trees.

Having said that, we notice five or six new trees appeared in the south end last week, and Urban Forestry advised us that four new Shagbark Hickories were planted along the north and west lip of the bowl.  They are only about 8" high -- so let's be extra careful of them.  Hickories have long tap roots and transplant best when very small.

FYI, we've been advised that Urban Forestry is planning about two dozen other new trees for the park to come this Fall or next Spring.

Have a great summer of watering everyone -- it's been a great pleasure to meet you all and to have been the AAT Coordinator the past six summers.

Best -- Michaelle McLean
FoTBP AAT Coordinator 2008-2014



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