Ha, we spoke too soon.  Rather than being a season with no new sapling tree plantings and therefore a slow season for adopters, it turns out this is the year of new trees!

TB new RBC trees in bowl June 12 2014 b

On May 23rd four very small (1 foot high) Shagbark Hickorys (Carya ovata) were planted by Urban Forestry along the lip of the bowl inside the wooded area, on May 30th Parks planted four new trees in the south end just east of the gate flower beds as well as four small tree-shrubs around the Greenhouse, and on June 13th  a group of volunteers from Royal Bank Canada planted 28 (!) new trees on the north-east slopes of the bowl.  Doing the rounds last week we also discovered three new trees just south of the tennis courts which were planted in the fall of 2014.

And then on June 19th the 26 trees we were expecting this fall or next spring from Urban Forestry arrived. 

TBP new Euro Beech June 2014 B

"Eb" stands for European Beech

That's 69 new sapling trees!

This is wonderful news for the canopy succession in our favourite park.  We'd love to have them all adopted into our volunteer watering program. 

Want to join us in helping ensure they survive? 

Contact AAT coordinator Laura at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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