Are you a self-professed tree hugger?  Do you find yourself sitting on the couch sometimes thinking about the outdoors, but are unsure on what to do when you’re finally out there? Have kids who can’t get enough of the playground in the park? Or maybe you and your team and friends are in the park weekly, hanging before or after a game of something sporty.   This appeal is to you all!

Trinity Bellwoods Park was  the recipient of 91 new trees last fall, and they all need a neighbourly helping hand to help them settle in.  Although most have the gator bags to give them a head start, they still will need some loving to help them grow strong roots and eventually become overhead foliage.

What’s involved?

-        Weekly watering

-        An intent to commit for multiple years (we know life happens, but start with the intent and let’s go from there)

How does it work?

-        We provide the water source, the water jugs, and help you identify a tree close to your regular haunts

-        We’ll do ‘training’, and give you the low-down along with other ‘trainees’ in May

What’s the benefit?

-        Trees love it (and - dare we say - need it)

-        An excuse to visit the park

-        Gratification of nurturing a living thing (one that won’t ever ask to borrow the car)

How do you get involved?

-        Tell your  friends, classes, and local businesses about the program

-        Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For those who are already parents of trees, thank you for your ongoing care of our existing trees.  Communication will come out later in the spring as well to bring you up to speed on what’s going on, and check in on you and your ‘family’.


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