Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer, and managing to stay cool.

The summer has been crazy busy in the park as you'll have noticed if you've been out, with particularly high numbers on the weekends.  They're
all enjoying the shade of the trees thanks to you!

For those who haven't attended a training in a while, our partners LEAF put out a timely reminder about tree watering which I'm sharing with you
as a reminder (https://bit.ly/2LqXgZ2).  Please have a peek, and hopefully it inspires you to get out and visit your tree soon if you haven't been
out for a while.

We've been doing training in the park all summer adding new adopters, and I'm so pleased every time I run into someone watering their tree.  It's a
great community, and I appreciate very much being a small part of it.

Stay cool, and do reach out or post on our facebook page (@FriendsofTrinityBellwoods or @Adoptatreeprogram) if you have any tree
news for our community!

With thanks,

Kathryn Money
Volunteer, Friends of Trinity Bellwoods

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