Thank you to all patrons of the market!  We give thanks to all farmer and vendors for a great 10th season. It was quite incredible, after the past two seasons where we had rain almost every Tuesday,this year not one rain day.  Fantastic for market days. Though, the downside was Ontario had the worst drought in 30 years. Which effected all farmers in negative ways.  This year will go down as a tough one for farmers.  Most managed, but no farmer likes to irrigate or have their wells or ponds run low.  Here's looking forward and hoping for a stellar growing season in 2017 to make up for it.

Have a great winter everyone, eat well, stay warm.  Updated market information, on this site and our dedicated site, will come in the spring.  Market work for management is part time seasonal.  Now that it is officially 'off season, email responses will not be immediate.  Apologizes in advance. Thank you.

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