Following are notes from our April 8th meeting in which we established some Greenhouse Guidelines. If you have ideas about how to improve the greenhouse, please come to our next meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday, May 6th from 7:30-8:30 PM.

Also, we have a new greenhouse blog, In the future, we will try to hold all meetings on the first Tuesday of each month from 7:30-8:30 PM at the Trinity Rec. Centre. Meeting notes and agendas will be posted on the blog.

Lastly, May 4th if Park Day from 10-1 PM. Meet at the greenhouse and bring any spare gardening tools you may have.

Many thanks for your support!

APRIL 8, 2008

1) INDIVIDUAL VS. COMMUNITY PROPERTY Anything left in the greenhouse will be considered "community property". Please feel free to bring your own tools and/or soil. When finished, please remove anything from the greenhouse that you do not want to share with others. Thanks!

2) PURCHASING FOR THE GREENHOUSE Please post anything that needs to be purchased for the greenhouse under "Stuff We Need" on the blog at We will choose a different shopper at the monthly meeting and try to do a big shopping trip once a month. Remember, our absolute maximum for the year, including all plant purchases and equipment is $2000 so try to make smart requests! Assuming that delivery charges are around $10, let's see if we can have heavy stuff delivered to the greenhouse so that no-one has to drive a car.

3) ACCOMMODATING COMMUNITY GROUPS There are currently two community groups working in the greenhouse, CARE and the "bee people" who are associated with Artscape. Other community groups are welcome to make proposals at our monthly meetings. Just post a request to be included in the meeting agenda under the "agenda" section on the blog at

4) TRAYS FOR INDIVIDUALS Volunteers are encouraged to grow seedlings in the greenhouse, we just ask that the majority of the seedlings are for the community. Space is at a premium so please use common sense. At the next meeting, we will consider ideas about how to make the most out of our small space. Perhaps we could have more racks for seedlings. Although the big tables were free, they are impossible to move out the door for cleaning and they are perhaps less spatially efficient than racks on rollers.

5) ACCOMMODATING REQUESTS FOR EVENTS Anyone is welcome to propose a greenhouse event at the monthly meeting, however, the event sponsor will be responsible for publicity, set-up and tear down, and permitting for the event. A neighborhood artist, Jessica Lovegrove, has been given permission to pursue all necessary permits to do an art project at the greenhouse for Nuit Blanche.

6) EXPANDED HOURS DUE TO INCREASED PEOPLE POWER For now, let's try to maintain the consistent 4-5 PM time slot when we are open daily. To avoid confusion, let's try to water the plants from 4-5 PM so that we do not accidentally over-water. Per the meeting request, there is now one rather than four clipboards for notes in the greenhouse. If you want to work in the greenhouse but you cannot manage a 4-5 PM time slot, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will find an alternate time for you. For orientation, new volunteers should stop by from 4-5 PM on a weekend or week day and speak to the responsible volunteer. Also, volunteer responsibilities are listed on the blog at

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