If you find yourself staring at one of Trinity Bellwoods Park's beautiful trees and wondering just what kind of tree it is, try one of the self-guided tree tours here.  Between them they have bundles of information about the trees and how to identify them and where to find them in the park.

Click on one of the sub-menus associated with the Greenspace tab under Tree Tours or the following links.

LEAF Tree Tour

FoTBP Tree Tour - a work in progress

Canadian Tree Tours

The Green Space Committee is a group of community gardeners, dedicated to caring for the green space in Trinity Bellwoods Park. Each year, we organize Spring and Fall Park Days to encourage everyone in the community to participate in a day of weeding, mulching and planting. Green space activities have also included ad hoc weeding of the park beds, litter picking, and the general promotion and discussion of care for this wonderful shared green space.

Past discussions included participating in a successful neighborhood rally to recommend that the G20 official protest area not be in this park as it is in a densely populated residential neighborhood.  Other discussions have included the proposed designation of some of the park's paths as part of the official city bikeway transportation corridor and the impact on the park's green space of the proposed renovations to Gibson House.


How can I support the Green Space Committee?

There are many ways to support the Green Space Committee. First, you can get on our Newsletter mailing list -- use the form over on the upper right of this page.  You can also come to our Spring and Fall Park Days, where you might decide to participate in our Adopt-a-Tree Program. You may also want to attend a Green Space Community Park Walk or become a volunteer coordinator on a Spring or Fall Park Day. If you have a concern regarding Green Space, you may want to vocalize it at our next Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park Meeting.

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