Despite the rain many neighbors came out to plant, mulch and sign up to adopt and water the young trees and take the Edible Tree Tour this past Sunday, continuing a growing tradition of community care for the park. Whether it's coming out in the rain on Park Day for a few hours or simply picking up the odd bit of litter, spending 10 minutes deadheading burdock while walking the dog or watering a tree once a week it makes a difference, doesn't it?

The plantings were on the east side of the bowl and included a small grove of birch near the bottom (they like the damp apparently), more of the lovely sumach, some small Serviceberry trees (yum), and a few more White Pines. Lots more burdock was dug up too.

A couple of folk went mad for the mulching and did most of the trees on the west side of the park. And today a group of about 50 corporate volunteers were in the park under the supervision of Parks & Rec mulching and litter-picking too so pretty much every young tree in the park has received fresh mulch this spring.

Another dozen people -- mostly dog walkers out in the rain (woof!) -- signed up to water the young trees. We're still looking for another 20 people so spread the word.

Fifteen of us followed Lauren Brown of LEAF around the park and tasted Eastern Redbud blossoms and White Spruce buds (an interesting aftertaste). We also know now to look forward to the Serviceberries in late June if the birds don't get them first and learned that White Oak acorns are quite edible and the sweetest of the acorn types.

Home baked cookies and warm mint tea were the reward for all that stopped by. And thanks to the staff at Parks, Forestry and Recreation who supplied the mulch, plants, buckets and shovels and even worked along with us.

Coming up in the park is the public performance installation "Dimensional Umbrella" on May 26, the big annual Yard Sale on June 18 (seller's registration opened this week through the Rec Centre) and of course the weekly Farmer's Market on Tuesdays.

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