A big HUGE thank you to the 13 volunteers who came by last Saturday (August 13) and spent several hours pulling burdock, applying fresh mulch to the farmer's market area and pulling weeds from the garden gate flower beds.  What a difference it's made! 


The volunteers were part of a program managed by Evergreen who'd been marshalled by Molson's Red Leaf Project to provide some "give back" to the parks where concerts they provide some sponsorship for are held. 

In this case we understand it's in relation to the QWMF, scheduled to take place in TBPark Saturday, August 20, and that 100 concert-goers quickly signed-up on-line to volunteer.  (Perhaps the other 83 slept in?)

Volunteering in the park -- either in an organised effort or on an ad-hoc basis (yes, we're looking at those of you who, unbidden, pick up a blowing newspaper or empty coffee cup in the park and drop it in the garbage) -- is a growing trend.  In addition to neighbors and regular park who lend a hand,  three different businesses have sponsored volunteer activities (tree mulching, litter picking) since the spring.


Photos are courtesy of Evergreen

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