It's that lovely time of year when the trees start turning vibrant colours, the ground is covered in a blanket of leaves of all shades - yellow, orange and brown.  It's also a time when there's a little neglect in picking up after our pets have a poo - that's the 'brown'. Sure the park is not as busy as when it's warm, but, please remember to bring doggy waste bags with you and 'scoop the poop'.  The park is shared and to be enjoyed by all.   Let's all be considerate, besides it being a by-law, to our fellow patrons (in all matters).  It's pretty yucky if your playing football, frisbee or tossing leaves with your kids and landing in some poo.  In addition, there are serious health hazards connected that can cause blindness in children.   Happy Autumn and enjoy the park, it's looking amazing right now.

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