Jan 2012 update:  Rogue art has been taken down by  Parks.  It was basically falling apart at this point, the  cellophane creatures were split in half and more like drooping off the tree.  Ergo - please take down  your rogue art in a timely fashion.  It doesn't do anybody and good to let it get 'tired'.  What's the point.  So, thus this anonymous art will live on in these images.


Here is the latest 'rogue art' installation that has shown up in the park.  It's pretty cool and visually quite striking.  Creepy, but in an interesting way.  Be great to have an artist statement for sure.  If anybody knows who the artist is, please contact us or have the artist post on our Facebook page.  As the Friends are 'tree huggers' at heart and are all about care of the green space, we would like to ask the artist to be responsible in regards to take down - perhaps in the next week or so.  We like to call it 'responsible rogue art'.  The plastic ties that are attached to the young trees in the short term will do no harm, but long term will do damage.  Also, with the weather as it is i.e. rain and pendint snow, these 'tree worms' will start looking shabby pretty quick.  Thank you!


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