Some Park History

Here's some interesting Trinity Bellwoods history that was shared by an area resident, Leslie Cooper. Her mother was Grace Bickford Forbes. Thank you so much Leslie for sharing. Gorevale History

For more history of the park 'Between the Bridge and the Brewery'  by Jon Harstone is interesting.  Email us if you'd like a copy. Harstone lives in the Trinity Bellwoods community and is a former board member of Heritage Toronto (formerly the Toronto Historical 13om┬Ěd) and former chair of the Toronto Local Conservation Advisory Committee (LACAC).  The book was published by, and is available from, the Trinity Bellwoods Community Association (2020 currently not active).  Here's an evocative quote from the book:

                                "Before the opening of Dundas street,
                                 the Trinity-Bellwoods area was reached
                                 by canoe along Garrison Creek or
                                 on a foot path through the woods."

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