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Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park (FoTBP) are volunteers from the community that work together to improve and maintain the green space, cultural and recreational activities of Trinity Bellwoods Park. Since 2001, Friends of Trinity Bellwoods has been recognized by Parks, Forestry & Recreation, the City and by the Councillor as the vehicle of community consultation for the park. We are a diverse group who are willing to share new ideas, respect other points of view, and participate in a collaborative process to create a vibrant community park.

Our Mission? We hope to ensure that the park will be maintained as a healthy public green space for decades to come. Toronto’s parks are often referred to as the “lungs” of our city. Besides providing a welcome refuge from the hurly burly of city life, park trees and public greens help clean our air of pollutants. Historically designated as an arboretum, Trinity Bellwoods Park, contains some of the oldest and most unique trees in Toronto. We want to take care of the existing natural environment and gradually improve it over time.

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Latest Park News

  • Update on greenhouse plans August 2021

    As we work with the city to build back the greenhouse garden we put out a call in August to get your thoughts on our initial plans. Our goal is to revitalize the surrounding area in to a community garden that will allow more people to grow their own food and get involved! Thank you…

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  • What’s a park without plants?

    As a result of the City of Toronto’s aggressive and absurdly expensive clearance tactics in Trinity Bellwoods Park, the ecological landscape that once was lush and green is now dry and bleak.  For people who don’t know, there is a greenhouse near the community center, which is run by a handful of local volunteers and…

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  • Summer is here and the park is packed!

    June 2021 COVID’s outdoor summer and the lack of good-sized parks in the City means we continue to be a ‘destination park’…..in addition to being the home to 40 or so tents.   Cramped quarters means we all have to shape up….so here are some reminders when you plan your visits! Have a good knowledge…

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  • Trinity Bellwood Farmers Market flowers

    May the 4th be with us!

    May 4th is the first day of the market! It’s a soft opening – not all vendors will be there. After that every Tuesday rain or shine May 4th to October 26, 2021 Business is still not as  usual. It’s reload/repeat of the COVID model we ran last season. Top 10 Safety Rules for coming to market….

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  • Need for the distancing circles in park

    Saturday April 10th, 2021  UPDATE – they are coming back!  We don’t have the install date, but you’ll see them when they are. Groups of 5 or less and stay at home order are in play according to legislation.  All things considered, should the circles make a comeback? Thoughts?