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Minutes of Meeting
(20 February 2010)

PRESENT: Geraldine Dempsey, Anna Hill, Brenda McCrank, Gary Hanrahan, Barbara Rother, Deveri Joy, Jane Wells and Helen Koumarelas, Angela Reid, Hala Chaoui, Avril Robinson, Brian Voltz, Sylvia Crowhurst, John Thompson & Sherry Lin and Aaron

Avril is going organize a committee of volunteers to come to the greenhouse on a daily basis to water the plants.

Ongoing : Angela has offered to speak to Urban Agriculture about construction issues (ie, compost building, etc) if and when they arise to see if their group can offer suggestions for us. Sylvia Crowhurst is going to look into getting a composter from the City and Jane is looking into having composters located in an alleyway down the street used for Trinity Bellwoods Greenhouse.

Hala recently moved into the neighbourhood. She is an agricultural engineer about to design an appliance that recycles organic waste into organic fertilizer and said she has a few ideas of how she might be able to initiate and collaborate on projects going on in the greenhouse. Her website is .

After the meeting, a number of volunteers stayed to help Helen and Deveri, who have done an amazing job turning the two tables taken out of the greenhouse into cold frames/raised beds for us.

The central protector panel on the southwest wall was taken down and put into storage until seedlings are fully grown and ready to be hardened off in early May.

And thank you Sylvia for building the central work surface table in the greenhouse!

Barbara asked members to take pots and trays home to wash them and bring them back the next time they come to the greenhouse. A cleaning system was detailed. Pots need to be washed in hot water and rinsed in a diluted solution of either hydrogen peroxide or distilled vinegar. They can be rinsed in water with either neem, tea tree or grapefruit seed extract as well. Hala is going to find out more about a natural enzyme cleaner called pink solution which when mixed with water emulsifies dirt, grease and grime that we might be able to use. It is mentioned in Gayla’s first book.

SOIL (aka soil-less soil)
SOIL & SEED CALENDAR and our RECIPE (1 part vermiculte + 1 part perlite + 1 part coir) was introduced to the group. Barbara mentioned that she might be able to get some vermicompost and it was noted that we would purchase a seaweed fertilizer to use on the seedlings. Necessary supplies will be picked up before the plant-a-long. Gary is going to try to pick up vermiculite, perlite and coir. Brenda is bringing a soilless mix donated by Barry for use in the cold frame/raised bed at the greenhouse which can be also be used to plant seeds.

Of the 39 useable shelves, five still remain for members who were unable to attend the meeting and three are left and will be used for community plantings. Contact information and a suggested annual donation of $20 was collected.

Gary went over the budget with Members. Gary, Anna and Brenda signed paperwork from the TD Bank (Queen & Euclid) to open an account for Trinity Bellwoods Greenhouse.

An e-mail reminder will be sent out regarding collecting $20 from volunteers who were unable to attend the meeting in an effort to meet our financial goal for this year.

There is a leak in the southeast corner that needs to be looked at.

Helen offered to take a look at the screen door to see if she can fix it.

Anna began the Meeting with an overview of the Greenhouse and later a tour of the immediate premises was made. Anna is getting keys made for members who need them.

An announcement was made and flyers handed out for Gayla’s, Grow Great Grub, Organic Food from Small Spaces, book launch party @ Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas Street West, from 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm, this upcoming Wednesday evening.

Plans were made for a seed plant-a-long next Saturday, 27 February at 2:00 pm.

An e-mail is being sent with the Minutes to Members letting them know the Minutes are now being posted under a Greenhouse Tab on the Trinity Bellwoods website

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