Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there park hours?

A: Yes, 5:30am to midnight. Outside of these hours it’s quiet time in the park.

Q: What is the nearest main intersection?

A: Queen Street West and Strachan Avenue at the south end by the iconic gates. At the north Dundas Street West at Crawford Street and/or Shaw Street. Here’s a downloadable PDF of the park to use for reference.

Q: What do I need a permit to do in the park? i.e. yard sales, wedding, commercial yoga/exercise classes, large group gatherings, art installations, performance etc.

A: Contact Parks, Forestry & Recreation Client Services for details – email Stacy Babb, who is able to address all your questions. Here’s a LINK that goes into detail of what is permitted in all parks in the GTA.There are no indoor venues in the park to rent, other than the Trinity Community Centre (tel: 416-392-0705).

Notes: The giant yard sale in the park has not continued since pandemic. It was run by a Rec Centre staff that has since retired. In the park: No free sampling of product, selling of wares, serving of alcohol, amplified music/sound in a park without a permit can result in a range of $100 to $300 fine.

Q: How do I get involved with the greenhouse?

A: update 2024. Currently the volunteer greenhouse/community garden coordinators are working with the City. This spring the raised beds are supposed to be installed. Please visit the greenhouse page for some more details.To get in touch, email from this website contact page – select ‘greenhouse’ as subject. They’ll do their best to respond in a timely manner.

Q: How do I book sports or recreation facilities?

A: Through City of Toronto, follow this link for details for sports and recreation permits. Also try 416.392.8188

Q: How do I adopt-a-tree?

a: Use the contact us form and select adopt-a-tree for subject line. The the volunteer AAT coordinator coordinator will respond as soon as possible. Please be patient. Thanks.

Q: What Ward is the park in?

A: Ward 10, Spadina-Fort York – City of Toronto. As of fall 2020 our Councillor is Ausma Malik

Q: Where is the farmers’ market located and when does it occur?

A: Location is at Dundas Street West and Shaw Street the NW end of park. It operates only in the Ontario growing season, May to October. Tuesdays 3pm to 7pm, rain or shine. Visit the dedicated website for more details. The market is run by the generosity of community volunteers. Accessible by foot, bike, wheelchair. There is no onsite vehicle parking, the curbside pylons on Tuesdays is reserved for vendors only by a city permit.

Q: Where can I report if I see damage or a repair required in the park?

A: 311 has been replaced with a page on City website to ‘create a service request’ that breaks down subjects. You may still call 311 (code of conduct) for information about city services and programs. New is a 311 Toronto Mobile App for most City services/programs/non-emergency information.

Q: Is the dogs off-leash area in the bowl exclusively for dogs?

A:  No the bowl is not exclusive use for dogs. It is a shared public space (as with the entire park and paths) and is the largest dogs off-leash, unfenced park in the city. It is expected that all users be considerate and mindful of your off-leash pet and/or child. Please pick up after your pet when it has relieved a solid and toss the bag into the garbage or in dog-waste bin where available. Allowing your dog off-leash outside of the designated off-leash area can result in a $300 fine.

Q: Is there a children’s wading pool/playground?

A: Yes there is! Located on the north side of the Trinity Community Centre in the playground area. The wading pool is open during the heat of the summer months – generally opens in June/July. No dogs/pets are allowed in the pool and playground area. There are washrooms across from them adjacent to the rec centre. Not so fun-fact: If a pet wanders in the pool water, staff are required by Public Health to immediately clear all children in the water, drain it, filling it up again – this process takes about 40 minutes, a lifetime for the kiddies in the heat. So please respect this.

Q: Are there public washrooms in the park?

A: Yes there are several. Summer 2023 update: the city installed many groups of portables all around the park – you can’t miss them.

1) Inside the Trinity Community Recreation Centre (155 Crawford Street, M6J 2V5 ) during operating hours.

2) During the warmer climes and accessible from outside at the north side of Rec Centre, across from the children’s playground.

3) On the far side of the rink house, just north of the outdoor artificial rink off Gorevale Road.

*The ones in the bowl (off leash dog area) are permanently closed.

Q: Where can I find out about the commemorative tree & bench program?

A: Call 416.395.6028. Visit the Commemorative Tree & Bench Program