Garlic mustard pull report

Thank you all the community volunteers that showed up last week for the first garlic mustard team removal! The group is looking for more help to try to deal with garlic mustard before it goes to seed.

If you have any time and can either help out with us this Thursday or if you can go on your own or with friends, kids, neighbours at a time convenient for you… any help appreciated. Instructions on how to pull in links below.

MEET: Thursday, May 23, 6:30 at south top of the dog park

This will a project which will require determination over a number of years, but doing something is certainly better than doing nothing. Please help spread the word and come if you can.


Join us pulling out the invasive garlic mustard in Trinity Bellwoods park.

Thursday, May 23, 6:30 at south top of the dog park. If you have a digger, gloves, a bucket, and some heavy dark garbage bags bring them along. You may want to wear pants and long sleeves as there are bugs.

If you don’t come anyhow, we have extra as it is fun to work on this together AND we could really use your help.

Feel free to also work on digging these plants up at any other time. Just be sure to get the roots, pat down the disturbed soil and dispose of the plant matter as directed in the reel which can be found at links in previous post.

Hope to see you Thursday!

– Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park & Shân