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Ever found yourself staring at one of Trinity Bellwoods Park's beautiful trees and wondering just what kind of tree it is?

If so here's great news -- check the tabs labeled "Tree Tours" under GREENSPACE above and try one of the self-guided tree tours there.  Between them they have bundles of information about the trees and how to identify them and where to find them in the park.

We've just posted a downloadable pdf map of one done by Canadian Tree Tours which also boasts a fantastic on-line database of information.


TBP Tree 169 Black Locust flower

Sweet smelling blooms of a Black Locust in the park's bowl in June

I suppose by now many have noticed the new bike rack placed at Gorevale and Queen.  It's 'part of a special study to determine preferred forms of bike parking in the CIty of Toronto, and exactly how cyclists are using City bike parking' to quote the sticker on the structure.  Do you like this installation?  Give your feedback at:  And according to a ad hoc sign stuck to pylons, you can contact Brian Park, research assoc. at Transportation Services too, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 416.392.1142.

Perhaps one of those cool street bike parking structures that take up a parking space might have worked just as well.  In fact, one could have been put directly across the street...on the street.  note: bushes have been cut down for visibility/safety.

.wo bushes

bikerackbikerack 1bikerack 2bikerack 3

Fall is upon us and sure to be lovely and warm.  Many more days left to enjoy in the park.  Please check our website calendar for upcoming events that take place specifically park.  It's a great way to plan your time in the park, or away.  We are in the process of locking down a Fall meeting date, so please stay tuned.  Best way is to sign yourself up for our newsletter - just to the right of this article ;-)

The farmers' market goes till Oct. 29th.  Our adopt-a-tree program is on going, so please if you love trees in our park....this is the way to support successful successive planting (say that 3 times fast).  And the green house is a great way to keep your thumb green.  All our initiatives are community volunteer and we encourage you to come participate to keep our community strong.

This group is helping to create a pollinator corridor in the heart of the city by recycling old canoes as planters.  They've passed the 50% fundraising goal recently, but have only 3 days before the campaign finishes. "Even $5 can help us buy a few native plants for a canoe!" says Aidan.

Warmly, Park Ranger - Aidan  (See post below for more details)

It's official! Spread the word, the slack liner poles that Parks installed are ready for use.  Many have been wondering what the heck those ugly Save the trees - we encourage the slack liners to use them ;-)concrete poles were just  north of the circle were for. Well, wonder no more.  The final touch was the 'day-glo' paint for night vision.  Nice eh?  

slackline pole



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