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A big HUGE thank you to the 13 volunteers who came by last Saturday (August 13) and spent several hours pulling burdock, applying fresh mulch to the farmer's market area and pulling weeds from the garden gate flower beds.  What a difference it's made! 


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Edible Tree Tour 2011

Despite the rain a hardy crowd showed up for the Edible Tree Tour which was complements of Friends of Trinity Bellwoods and led by Lauren of LEAF. Here we stand in front of the pair Ginkgo trees near the south gates.

Despite the rain many neighbors came out to plant, mulch and sign up to adopt and water the young trees and take the Edible Tree Tour this past Sunday, continuing a growing tradition of community care for the park. Whether it's coming out in the rain on Park Day for a few hours or simply picking up the odd bit of litter, spending 10 minutes deadheading burdock while walking the dog or watering a tree once a week it makes a difference, doesn't it?

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With spring come the weeders! Once again those notorious guerilla weeders will be back in the park beds. If you also get itchy fingers when you see those weeds feel free to join us (most) Sunday mornings from 9:30 to 11 starting May 3rd, 2009. You'll find us with tools in our hands and a garden waste bag nearby or you can contact Michaelle and Patricia, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

PS - Clean Up Day in the Park, tomorrow 10am to 12 noon. It's nothing to give even 15 minutes of your time to pick up some of that stuff left on the ground by.....litter bugs. Meet us at the back of the Rec Centre to pick up any supplies you need. We can also assign you an 'official' sector!

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