Tree Inventory

 January 2010

The "Urban Forest Strategic Management Plan/Trinity Bellwoods Park," which was commissioned by Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park (FoTBP) from graduate students of the University of Toronto’s esteemed Masters of Forest Conservation program as a tool for prioritising our activities, is now complete. 

TBP Tree measuring

The report includes a comprehensive list of every tree in the park and it's status vis a vis size and health, and contains information about the park's eco-system, a brief summary of the city codes/bylaws which govern its care, planting programs and educational resources, ideas for heritage tree recognition, a template for a 20 year planting and care plan, and some ideas for public education activities to promote public care of our urban forest in general and the Trinity Bellwoods Park in particular. It's a wonderful resource of data and ideas for the Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park and all its neighbors and stakeholders -- and a great snapshot of the park’s trees as of summer 2009.

Friends of Trinity Bellwoods is continuing to study the report's ideas and recommendations to determine what is feasible and appropriate for our group.  (For instance, the report's suggestion to offer pruning workshops to the public for park trees is not something FoTB would take on unless Parks and Forestry was involved and approved of it.)

In the meantime, FoTB has three immediate goals for this document which we are pleased to share:

  •  To alert Parks, Forestry and Recreation to a number of park trees which the report suggests require immediate attention. 
  •  To work with Parks, Forestry and Recreation to develop long-term community planting plans for our Spring and Fall Park Days. 
  •  To educate community members about trees and tree care through our Adopt-a-tree Program. 

Friends of Trinity Bellwoods would like to thank the following for their generous contribution to the preparation of this document: University of Toronto graduate student Brian Volz, University of Toronto Professor Andy Kenney and the University of Toronto Forestry Conservation program. For their continued stewardship of the trees at Trinity Bellwoods, we would also like to thank the following community volunteers: Victoria Taylor and Patricia Cavanagh.

The report has been shared with our local City Councillor, the Director of Toronto Parks, our local Parks Supervisor, Parks' urban Forestry department and our area Parks Program Officer/Horticulture and Natural Environment who have all been encouraged to share it with others who may find it useful or informative.

FoTBP is pleased to make it available, as well as a complete list of the park's trees and a link to a very nifty, interactive work-in-progress Google Earth map of the trees which was created by Professor Andy Kenney from the data (Summer 2012 note: this map is temporarily unavailable while it is being updated)

The report may not be republished without the consent of the FoTBP, but excerpts are welcome.   Please credit FoTBP and the report's authors when excerpted.




Here's also a gallery of photos of the inventory being undertaken.

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