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Garlic Mustard in Trinity Bellwoods Park!

Garlic Mustard is in Trinity Bellwoods!  Did you know Garlic mustard is one of Ontario’s most aggressive forest invaders and threatens biodiversity. Learn more about garlic mustard here: Our Bellwoods community member Shân has suggested we come together to help reduce the spread in Bellwoods by handpulling as much as we can on Thursday May 16th before the…

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Photos from our 2023 PParade!

Thank you to the community volunteers that helped to organize and run the pumpkin parade. We had just over 310 pumpkins parading! Gratitude as well to the hearty few that stayed on to toss the squashes (after removal of non-organic materials) into the city compost bins!

Annual Pumpkin Parade Nov. 1st 4-9pm

Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park annual Pumpkin Parade, 2023! WHERE: Parade will line the east-west footpath north of the playground (at intersection of Crawford and Lobb Streets) HOW TO PARTICIPATE?:  Drop off your carved pumpkins along the footpath any time after 4pm (and best before the PToss at 9:15)  on Wednesday November 1st with a…

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Community gardens installation update

Unfortunately the City has been extremely slow with the community gardens installation. Therefore it’s been decided to delay the garden’s opening until next spring (2024). We wish we could have made the most of this season but realistically the window for growing is quickly closing. The intention is to have a prosperous community garden with…

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picture of a silver maple sapling in Trinity Bellwoods park

New Trees!

The City just planted over 35 new baby trees in the park! You can see these new trees throughout the park. There are some oaks, maples, yellowwood, common hackberries, Kentucky coffee trees, and more, as well as a wealth of new Japanese cherry trees to replace some sadly damaged trees in our cherry grove at…

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2022 Pumpkin Parade Nov. 1st, 6-9pm

Friends of Trinity Bellwoods annual Pumpkin Parade 2022! WHERE: Parade will line the east-west footpath, north of the playground  (at intersection of Crawford and Lobb Streets) HOW TO PARTICIPATE? : Drop off your carved pumpkins along the footpath any time after 4pm on Tuesday, November 1st with a tea-light inside. JUST ATTENDING? : Come view your neighbours creativity! All…

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Community Gardens current status

Most of us have noticed the metal fencing is up. We do not have a timeline yet from Parks as to next steps. We are awaiting word from them and will update everyone once we have. It’s an inviting space, but please no dogs/pets are allowed or using space for activities other than what is…

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Trinity Bellwoods Community Garden survey

This makes it feel like spring is in the air! We need your feedback on the proposed community garden. It’ll be available for 3 weeks on, then info will be passed onto city staff. There is more info included in the survey. Also the greenhouse page has some history. Thank you for your time. LINK…

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Pumpkin Parade 2021

After a year off because of the pandemic, the Friends hosted the return of the Trinity Bellwoods Pumpkin Parade to huge success! What a wonderful evening with perfect weather. The community brought over 200 carved pumpkins of a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and abundance of creativity! Thank you to everyone for coming and…

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Tuesday Oct. 26th 3-7pm last day of market!

Come on up and stock up, support the vendors for the final day of the 2021 season. It was wonderfully successful, even with the COVID protocols that we know had it’s challenges. Lots of great root vegetables and other leafy things and artisan foods to take home. With the fresh produce, think of freezing or…

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