Summer is here and the park is packed!

June 2021

COVID’s outdoor summer and the lack of good-sized parks in the City means we continue to be a ‘destination park’… addition to being the home to 40 or so tents.  

Cramped quarters means we all have to shape up….so here are some reminders when you plan your visits!

  • Have a good knowledge of distancing circles and the appropriate number of people allowed in one according to current rules.
  • Don’t pee on other’s people’s property.  Many portables are now distributed around the park for convenience.
  • Put your litter in one of our lovely giant bins that have also been distrubuted throughout the park – one is just a few steps away! No excuses please.

Now, if you are fully prepared, go be near some beautiful green things and soak up the summer sun….we all deserve to enjoy the (almost) otther side of this pandemic!

Also click this link to the June 11, 2021 letter from our City Counillor for Ward 10, Spadina-Fort York, Joe Cressy. It addresses the current park state and the measures being taken.  We have also recently learned efforts by the Gore Vale Action Committee ( have resulted in the park having Paid Duty Officers patrolling the park from 2pm-midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  This blogTO article will inform you of the real issues faced by the park and area residents.